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Ivy, an underachieving office worker in Cincinnati is transferred to a branch in another dimension where she must stop an evil king.

An intergalactic rock band’s snarky lead singer plans to destroy “bad music” galaxywide, but things become complicated when his favorite band becomes their next target.

The alien rock band is more visually interesting that the office worker. The question is if the human knows about intergalactic bands or is he discovering that there are aliens in the first place. There’s lots of visual potential here. You can invent aliens as well as their instruments. But all the instruments should look ‘familiar.’ Think about the Fifth Element and that singer. Think about movies that have bands/music as a theme. My favorite is Almost Famous. There’s also Ferris Bueller, Eddie and the Cruisers, La Bamba to name a few.

If you could do a space version of La Bamba, that would be wild.