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Roland Lovelace

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Character Ideation final Roland Lovelace

Log Line:
In the near future, Reanna and Clawdia; Dragon and Tiger, must fight together and defeat Goetia; Murderous Detached Watcher of Solomon.

(1) Reanna “BulletBlaze” Xiao Long
-Injuries: Multiple Body Scars
-Weapons: Sword and Gun, Fists (Tail Also)
(2) Clawdia “ZealotSaint” D’Arc
-Injuries: Small singular scars
-Weapons: Gauntlets, Spear (think of the good parts of a normal spear and a pole axe combined)
-Relationship: Partners/Rivals turned to Lovers

Goal: Maintain Peace in the “World”, protect each Other, and Try not to Kill Each Other
Stopping Them from Reaching Goal:
-Other Mythologies, Mainly Goetia (Male); the clay doll of Solomon; Main villan
How to get past Problem:
-Work Together and Fulfill their Mythology
Story Takes Place:
-A “World” where all the Mythologies are combined but at the same time separate.
Like a tree and its branches, and at the roots is what is collectively known as “Earth”

-Roland Lovelace